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SherpaShare is the #1 support platform for independent workers and regularly surveys it's community - tens of thousands of on-demand workers - to provide independent information and insight. The complete list of past reports is below.

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Explore our Past On-Demand Surveys and Reports

  • How much do Uber drivers earn? Shows the weekly gross earnings distribution of surveyed US Uber Drivers from our October 2015 survey of over 1,000 drivers. You can use it to benchmark yourself again the national average.

  • What are the major demographic trends of the on-demand workforce? This report was also based on our October 2015 survey and was picked up by national publications around the US. The findings show national on-demand trends based on age, hours work, work longevity, and gender.

  • What do Uber, Lyft drivers earn per trip? This report, the first of it's kind, was based on SherpaShare data from January to May 2015, and shows fares per trip trends for UberX and Lyft drivers in 20 of the most popular rideshare cities. You can see the per trip earnings trends, and the differences among cities. This report was also picked up in national publications, including Fast Company.

  • How do rideshare drivers feel about being an independent contractor (IC) versus employee? Comments In the summer of 2015, the IC versus employee debate for on-demand companies was in full swing. This piece is part of our survey of hundreds of drivers who gave us their opinion - what they liked about this type of work and whether they wanted to be an IC or employee. These are their responses.

  • How do rideshare drivers feel about being an independent contractor (IC) versus employee? Stats. This report was also based on our summer survey, after the California court ruling that one Uber driver should be considered an employee. This report shows where driver sentiment fell, and was picked up in national news, helping inform the IC versus employee debate.

  • What is the percentage of female drivers? This report was released in February 2015 and was based on rideshare drivers using SherpaShare - at the time around 5% of active US rideshare drivers. This report shows Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar percent female drivers (on SherpaShare).

  • How do drivers feel about Uber's rate cuts in January 2015? In January 2015, Uber announced the lowering of driver rates in 48 cities. Uber said these changes would ultimately help earnings increase. Shortly after, we asked drivers around the US how these changes had affected their earnings, and we heard from drivers in 35 different cities.

  • What were the top rideshare trends of 2014? In December of 2014, we surveyed hundreds of rideshare drivers questions on their driving work and earnings from 2014. This report shows the top 6 rideshare trends of 2014, based on those responses.

  • How do Uber drivers feel about Uber's company ethics? In November 2014, Uber had a series of privacy and ethical concerns that gained media attention. We surveyed our drivers and heard back from over 300 about how they felt about these news stories and if they would change how much they drove for Uber. This report, which was shared exclusively with Forbes, shows the responses.

  • How do drivers split work between Uber and Lyft? In November 2014, we looked at a sample of SherpaShare drivers to better understand trends and 'migrations' of the workforce. This study showed how drivers shifted between Uber and Lyft between August and October 2014.

  • How do per mile rates differ on rideshare services? In the fall of 2014, we looked at per mile earnings among the three major rideshare companies, Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar*. This study shows per mile rates among these services. *Sidecar has switched to a delivery-first service as of spring 2015.

  • How many on-demand workers earn from 2 or more services? In the summer of 2014, we surveyed workers across the on-demand space- from rideshare drivers to delivery drivers to hosts - to find out how many of them worked for 2 or more services. This report shows the services, the percentage, and a map of what cities the respondents were in.

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