We’re hiring great people to help build the new infrastructure of the independent workforce.

We’re empowering this workforce with technology, but also through how we communicate and connect this workforce with information and opportunities. Our mission is to be the bridge between on-demand services and independent contractors. If you believe in the importance and size of our mission, we’re recruiting talented, passionate people to join us and become a part of our “founding team”.


Full Stack Engineer

Mountain View, CA

  • Comfortable building features end-to-end, from bits in the DB to pixels on a smartphone
  • Experience architecting product features that scale to millions of users
  • Previous Dev Ops experience a plus

Backend Engineer

Mountain View, CA

  • Deployed and maintained at-scale production setups
  • Designed DB schemas to scale, built effective caching schemes, and managed high-throughput systems
  • Solid experience designing and building systems with significant scale and low latencies
  • Mastery of Python is useful but not required, as is familiarity with Django, PostgreSQL and Celery.

Growth Engineer

Mountain View, CA

  • Engineers who feel the most exciting code is the code closest to the business.
  • Engineers who can go deep, but appreciate the challenge of going broad: backend services, mobile, web development, data and analytics, infrastructure, and integration.
  • Advanced knowledge of some and a willingness to learn the rest: Python, Javascript, PostgreSQL, iOS apps, Android apps.
  • Intelligent. Highly adaptable. Rapid learners.


Product Designer

Mountain View, CA

  • Drive the product strategy and vision of SherpaShare - help us define the "what" as well as "how"
  • Ability to initiate, own and lead big design projects
  • Master of user centered design process involving all stakeholders (design, product, engineering, business)
  • Strong sketching and rapid prototyping skills, data oriented and analytical.
  • Experience designing mobile and web apps
  • Excellent communication skills

UI/UX Designer

Mountain View, CA Contractor

  • Awesome at Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Strong sketching and rapid prototyping skills
  • A diverse portfolio that exhibits excellent use of typography, color, imagery and graphic elements
  • BFA/MFA or equivalent industry experience
  • Icon design, experience designing for mobile devices,HTML/CSS /JS experience is a plus

Don’t see what you’re looking for but still interested in working with us? Email jobs@sherpashare and tell us why!