SherpaShare FAQ

What is SherpaShare?

"An app that helps drivers earn the most from their trips!" - The New York Times

SherpaShare is the ultimate rideshare driver assistant that helps drivers reduce taxes, manage expenses, and boost earnings. SherpaShare's financial management tools allow drivers to track mileage, analyze expenses and consolidate earnings. The app's rideshare-specific features help drivers identify revenue-maximizing routes and hotspots and SherpaShare's chat feature allow for instant communication between drivers, regardless of platform.

How do I get started?

Create an account online or download the app to begin your free 14-day SherpaShare trial.

Register online:

Download for iPhone or Android

The SherpaShare app helps on-demand drivers track mileage, expenses, and earnings. Independent contractors can reduce tax bills by thousands of dollars per year with a business mileage log. SherpaShare automatically tracks mileage and allows members to easily generate and export IRS compliant reports in seconds.

SherpaShare is the only app that provides smart driver Pro Tools designed exclusively for rideshare drivers. Pro Tools help drivers plan better routes, get more pings, earn more money and communicate with other drivers for tips and tricks in real-time.

What do I need to download?

Download the SherpaShare app for your iPhone or Android to start logging your tax-deductible mileage today. It takes seconds to create your account and begin your FREE 14-day trial.

What if I am not working yet?

It's not too soon to start planning for your rideshare business! Leverage the driver community via SherpaShare's Chat feature to learn about self-employment and rideshare specifics.

Additional resources include the SherpaShare Pulse app and the SherpaShare blog where you will find helpful tips and tricks from industry experts and trends from SherpaShare's industry research. SherpaShare members also get exclusive access to special offers and special opportunities to earn more money.

Do I need to pay to become a Member?

SherpaShare offers a free 14-day trial. After the trial expires, you'll need to upgrade to a membership option that best fits your needs and continue leveraging SherpaShare to effectively run your business. Pricing can be found here.

Is the app free?

Yes, you can download the app for free and try SherpaShare for 14 days free of charge. Once your free trial ends, please select a membership option that best suits your business needs. Membership options can be found here.


SherpaShare Tracking is a suite of tools to help drivers track mileage, expenses, and earnings. Use the SherpaShare app to automatically track mileage add and upload receipts, and the web dashboard to manage further. SherpaShare Tracking allows drivers to minimize tax bills and maximize earnings by having a complete view of income stats from all platforms and gigs.


How do I automatically track mileage?

Download the SherpaShare app (App Store or Google Play) and login or sign-up. Accept location permissions to allow SherpaShare to log your mileage (this is required). Once you do that, the Track tab in the app will read, "Mileage Tracking ON"

Go ahead and take a trip! SherpaShare automatically tracks all your mileage as soon as you start driving. Check back after your trip to see your mileage log map on the Track tab. During the trip, an in-trip icon on the app's Track tab will show you that your trip is in progress and actively tracking.

Video: How to track mileage using the Track tab.

What if my trips didn't track?

SherpaShare uses advanced technology to detect when you're driving and logs the route in the app. Occasionally trips can take several minutes or more to appear once you've stopped driving. From the Track tab, pull down on the map image to refresh your trips.

If you are missing a trip, please check your Settings in the Track tab to ensure Mileage Tracking is ON (the toggle should appear blue)). If this still doesn't solve the problem, please send us a note from the Settings tab > Troubleshoot. The note with your trip log will be sent directly to our product team for troubleshooting.

Is it possible to manually add mileage?

It sure is! Log in to your SherpaShare dashboard and click on the Mileage tab. Click on the Mileage '+' icon at the bottom of the page. Add Mileage will appear for you to enter your desired trip(s).

What if I want to manually start or end a trip?

It's not possible to manually start a trip, but it is possible for you to manually end a trip. For example, if you are switching out of driver mode and you want to make sure to end your "Business" mileage, there is an "End Trip" button on the app's Track tab. This will end the current trip, and if you are still driving, it will begin a new trip shortly.

How do I label or categorize my mileage?

App: On the Track tab, when a trip appears tap 'Personal' or 'Business' to classify trips. You can also tap the map image to select a predefined label such as "Uber driving" or "private client." By default, there are several labels to choose from, but you can customize them as well.

Here is the tutorial video how to categorize your trips in the app:

Tap 'Personal' or 'Business' to classify trips

Tap the pen icon to create a trip memo

TAP/CLICK the trip card to categorize with sub-types.

TAP/CLICK the trash icon on the trip card to delete the trip.

CLICK the undo button to undo the previous categorization or remove something from the trash

Dashboard: If you'd like to quickly categorize trips in bulk simply log in to your dashboard and click on the Mileage tile.

Where can I edit, export, or see information about past trips?

Log in to your SherpaShare dashboard to add trips, re-label trips, see maps of past trips, export trips, categorize trips in bulk, see analytics, and more.


How do I add expenses?

SherpaShare makes it a breeze to add expenses and upload receipts for safekeeping. Log in to your app and tap the Track tab > tap the '$+' icon in the top right corner to add expense info. Add an image of your receipt to the expense by tapping 'Add Receipt' and snapping a photo of your receipt.

Visit the 'Expense' tab on your SherpaShare dashboard to view a record of all expenses. Expenses can be added via the dashboard too.

How do I generate and export mileage and expense reports?

Generating reports is easy to do directly from your SherpaShare app or from your custom web dashboard!

Generate reports from the app: From the Track tab home screen tap your Track settings icon in the top left corner. Tap Report to export a mileage or expense report. Please visit your dashboard at to create reports with custom date ranges or if you need to generate reports from the web dashboard:

Video: How to Generate Reports


How do I add earnings?

Log in to the SherpaShare web dashboard, to automatically or manually add earnings so you can have a better picture of what your net earnings are for your independent work, across platforms. From your dashboard homepage click Earnings > Integrate Earnings to link your bank account. Linking your bank account is secure and will populate your 1099 earnings. Use your earnings info to determine your most profitable platform and optimize your business based on your findings.

After linking your bank account, please allow a few minutes for data to populate and refresh the page.

What services does SherpaShare's bank integration feature detect?

SherpaShare's secure bank integration automatically detects earnings from several services including Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Postmates and more. If for some reason your independent work earnings aren't detected, please email us and let us know what service you would like added.

My bank isn't listed. Can SherpaShare add it?

Our bank integration partner supports most big banks but may not support smaller banks, such as local credit unions. If your bank isn't listed, please email us so we can look into it. In the meantime, we recommend that you: 1) Manually add earnings on the website dashboard by clicking "Add Earnings" at the bottom of the page and 2) Use the SherpaShare app to track your mileage and expenses.


How do my rideshare insurance offers work?

It's our mission at SherpaShare to be the ultimate rideshare companion by helping on-demand drivers stay safe, reduce risk, and save on the things they need. That's why we've partnered with a leading insurance marketplace to incorporate the most competitive insurance offers into the SherpaShare app.

Check out your offers and email us if you have questions:


SherpaShare Pro Tools is a suite of tools specifically designed to help rideshare drivers save time, drive smarter and earn more money. Pro Tools consist of several features: a real-time driver heatmap, trending hotspots, analytics, exclusive specials, and driver to driver chat. Pro Tools deliver valuable real-time information to outsmart the market and earn above industry average rates.

What is Compass?

Compass is a navigation feature that helps you find more passenger requests. The tool determines and recommends an optimal route (aka lots of pings) based on your history and city patterns. Use Compass when you're starting out as a driver, during downtime or when driving back from an unfamiliar area to avoid driving dead-miles.

Compass currently supports Uber drivers. If you drive for another platform and would like to leverage Compass, please let us know.

What is Heatmap?

Heatmap gives drivers a real-time pulse on what's happening in their area. The tool shows on-demand drivers exactly where demand (riders) is high and low. Switch the view to see where driver activity is high and low.

SherpaShare's Heatmap allows members to get tactical by choosing to avoid areas concentrated with drivers and instead head toward areas concentrated with riders. Work Heatmap into your daily driving routine to save time and significantly boost earnings.

What is Hotspot?

Hotspots show you the popular venues near your current location, real-time hotspots, and upcoming events so you can plan successful routes to maximize pings and earnings.

What is Travis?

Travis allows Uber drivers to integrate with their Uber driver app to see earnings analytics and driving trends. By viewing driving data in an easily digestible format, Uber drivers leverage this feature to determine the most profitable driving routes, days and times.

How do Specials work?

SherpaShare's Specials feature has exclusive member deals, including discounts, promotions, freebies and more. Specials are available for Premium Members only.


Does SherpaShare have a referral program?

We sure do! We want to reward you for helping out fellow drivers and spreading the word about the ultimate rideshare assistant. Send your friend a free month of SherpaShare, and you'll get $5 when they upgrade their membership.

Here's how it works:

  • SherpaShare will reward you with a $5 bonus for every individual who signs up using your referral link and converts to a paid membership (within 60 days of their signup).
  • SherpaShare will give your friend a free month of SherpaShare, plus the standard 14-day free trial. That means your friend will receive 44 days of SherpaShare for free!
  • Your unique referral link can be found in your app Settings tab under 'Refer & Earn.' Send to friends directly from the app or copy the link and send to friends with your method of choice.
  • Referral bonuses are made once per month for the previous month. If you referred a friend who successfully signed up, SherpaShare will send you an email to obtain your PayPal info so we can send you your bonus.
  • SherpaShare reserves the right to cancel this program for any reason.


What is the SherpaShare Membership?

Members receive unlimited access to all SherpaShare services including mileage and expense tracking, unlimited reports, priority customer support, Pro Tools, and full access to the independent worker community.

How much is the Membership?

Membership is based on a monthly or annual subscription.

Monthly subscriptions: $5.99 per month (billed monthly)

Annual subscriptions: $59.99 per year (billed once annually, which breaks down to $4.99 per month)

You can become a member anytime during your free trial or afterward via the website dashboard or the SherpaShare app. On the website, click the Become A Member button at the top of the Mileage page. On the app, go to Settings > Membership to view options.

Why should I consider becoming a member?

SherpaShare is the #1 support platform for independent workers for good reason. Each mile and expense tracked results in drivers saving thousands of dollars a year on their tax bills. SherpaShare also enables drivers to stay organized, drive efficiently and facilitates communication between drivers for maximum rideshare driving success. SherpaShare is the only service that allows drivers to navigate to areas with high demand. Plus, the monthly and yearly membership fees are both tax deductible!

How do I update my credit card information on SherpaShare?

You can now update your credit card information on the website when you are logged into your dashboard.

I forgot my password.

If you forget your password, you can reset it here.

How do I cancel my SherpaShare Membership?

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Please get in touch with us anytime if there's anything we can do to help out by emailing us at We realize your life as an independent worker can change often and were here to support you.

If you need to cancel your subscription, please email us at with the subject Cancellation. We will cancel your subscription renewal.


If you purchased the membership via in-app purchase from our iOS app, you need to cancel it yourself: on your iOS device, click Settings > iTunes & App Store > Login and click your account > Subscription. You should find SherpaShare there and cancel. Here is the step-by-step guidance.

For the monthly plan, you need to cancel it 24 hours before the auto-renewal. For our annual or semi-annual plan, if you purchased within the last seven days, you will get a full refund if you are not happy with the service.


"A place for non-employees to meet coworkers." - Fast Company

What's the Pulse app?

SherpaShare Pulse is the official rideshare driver chat community designed to help rideshare drivers easily communicate with other drivers, share information and get questions answered fast. Drivers can join local or national groups, create their own group, ask questions and get insights all for free. When drivers connect, the industry improves.

Get the FREE SherpaShare Pulse now for iPhone or Android.

What's the difference between the Pulse app and Pulse website?

Pulse has a dedicated webpage for viewing feeds and reading or replying to posts. To make a new post, search old posts, start or join groups, see profiles, and much more, you'll need the Pulse app. Please download the free SherpaShare Pulse app (App Store or Google Play).


I have more questions for you!

Great, we are more than happy to help. We highly recommend you search our blog for tons of helpful information or ask your question to the Pulse community via the SherpaShare Pulse app. These are the fastest ways to get general questions answered.

For anything specific to your account, please email us. We will do our best to answer as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 business days. We look forward to helping you!