7 Tips for Success with Uber and Lyft

Uber Lyft rideshare driver tips for success

Starting a new gig can come with a steep learning curve. There are a few comprehensive guides out there about starting your rideshare business, but if you’re short on time, those can be daunting.

Whether you’re contemplating becoming a rideshare driver, you’ve just started out or you want to refresh your rideshare game, most drivers are happy to take a few tips from the pros to maximize earnings, efficiency, and overall success! The four rideshare experts at GR Rideshare Adventures gave SherpaShare their top tips for starting out on the right foot.

1. Get business cards made with your Uber/Lyft referral code on them.

Why? Because: more money. Referrals help grow rideshare presence and awareness in your area, and you get a bounty when your referee hits their requirements. Small markets have a leg up, as most riders haven’t signed up for a gig yet. We recommend Vistaprint for great deals on printing cheap business cards.

2. Make your own rideshare placards with the info you want to share with your riders and hang them on the back of your headrests.

Some vehicles allow you to customize the wallpaper on your dashboard display console with info. If your vehicle has the feature, create a wallpaper, save it to a jump drive, and upload it.

A placard or wallpaper allows you to start a dialogue with your customers about the services you offer and reminders (i.e., phone charger availability and wearing seatbelts), and preferences they may have like, vehicle temperature or radio station. On the placard/wallpaper, be sure to include the following: your name and instructions to passengers to let you know their preferences. If you’re not the DIY type, you can order placards on Amazon and eBay.

3. Get a monthly car wash subscription.

They’re as little as $19.99 a month and will make a great impression on your passengers, especially if you are transporting business people or airport customers.

Bonus tip: You can write it off on your taxes! Upload your receipt to your expense tracker in the SherpaShare app, so it’ll be ready come tax time.

4. Join a local Facebook group to learn from fellow rideshare drivers in your market.

Familiarize yourself with what it’s like to drive in your area through other drivers’ experiences. This will save you time and help you to start earning more right away.

PSA: Before you ask a question, Most questions have been asked before, so it’s crucial to utilize the Search Bar at the top of the group page and search for them before asking the group. You’ll find answers quickly and avoid asking the group repeat questions. Some drivers in these groups will not be welcoming to new group members who post a frequently asked question.

Check out the GR Rideshare Adventures Facebook page where the four of us share our experiences. We also take part in several regional Facebook groups for drivers.

You can also communicate with fellow drivers using the Chat feature in the SherpaShare app for tips and tricks of the trade. If you desire to set up your own regional group download the SherpaShare Pulse app for a more robust set chat options.

5. Watch YouTube videos to get up to speed quickly.

Do some research on what to expect while rideshare driving, so you’re prepared. Videos show you precisely what to do and what not to do, so you don’t have to learn the hard way! For some fun and crazy (yet informative) videos, check out GR Rideshare Adventures YouTube channel.

6. Buy an aux cord so riders can quickly plug in and listen to their music.

Riders will appreciate you having this item and are usually the tipping type.

7. Track your mileage and expenses.

This is a must. You can write off all your Uber, Lyft and delivery miles, and not just when you have a passenger, but the second you leave your house to work until you get home. We use SherpaShare. It runs in the background and automatically tracks mileage. SherpaShare also has some fantastic features designed specifically for drivers, such as Travis for your driving stats, Hotspots where demand is likely to be higher, Compass to provide route recommendations and Chat where you can talk to a community of other rideshare drivers. Check out this blog post for a list of 32 ways you can maximize your tax deductions.

All the best in your rideshare driving endeavor!

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