A smarter way to Chat with drivers

Introducing our latest Chat feature

Yes, if you've downloaded the latest SherpaShare Driver app for iOS, you've seen many new changes. We introduced the new version earlier this week. And as promised, we're sharing more about these new features and how they can help you be a smarter driver.

SherpaShare Driver Chat 2.0

Now when you arrive on Chat, you'll see the Global feed first. Want to explore Trending or Nearby conversations? Hit the Channels icon on the top left. On Nearby, you'll see conversations happening in your area. (Yes, tell other local drivers to join you, you'll have more fun!) On Trending, you'll see some of the most replied to conversations.

You can also control your "Chatability" under Chat Notifications on the top right. Under My Feed see all your past posts and their replies. This is a great way to reference past comments or questions you had. Click Recent Mentions to see who's mentioned your chat username recently. Oh yes, did we mention that you can now choose your Username on Chat? Under Chat Settings you can create your chat identity. Go get your unique username before someone it else snatches it up - some first names may still be available...

Most of all, enjoy the new Chat, a smarter way to connect with and learn from your fellow driver-preneurs!

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